Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Best Friends

I have three best friends...

One is my little sister, Callie. She lives only 30 minutes away from me so we hang out a lot. We recently signed up for a Photography class at a community college, so that will be lots of fun!! I can pretty much tell her anything and we are always planning new businesses. Not to say we've tried them all, but maybe one day! This is an old photo, but it's way cute and shows our sisterly silliness. Haha.

Jen and I met because Callie is friends with Jen's step sister. lol. Jen and I hung out because our families knew each other and we ended up getting along. Jen tried to corrupt me and I resisted it. lol. Most the time. Jen is pretty much the funniest person I've ever met. I can't help but almost pee my pants when we hang out. She should be a comedian. No matter what we've been through together we love each other to death :) She recently married Brett Hill, who is completely the perfect match for her. They are so cute!! Here is a photo from her wedding, She's the one in the white dress, obviously, and I am to the left of her :)

And here is Brianna Hill!! Funny how both my best friends have the same last name now. Anyway, Brie and I have been friends since 9th grade. She's a really happy person, always the life of the party. But not in a party girl way, if that makes any sense. In a fun way! She's got the loudest, most contagious laugh ever. Go to a movie with her and you will be laughing the entire time. I promise. Brie and I used to cut class in 12th grade and go to the mall. We are such rebels, but really she didnt have class after lunch, and my last class was teacher aide and the teacher let me leave early. lol. So maybe we aren't such rebels after all. My favorite memories with her is all our road trips to Monterey and San Francisco! Here's a photo from her goodbye party when she moved away :(

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Jennilee Hill said...

Awwwwww. I think I may just like you a bit. I am a little disapointed that you don't have a picture of the two of us smiling lovingly into eachother's eyes like you do with Callie. Lame.