Sunday, February 1, 2009

Featured Artist: MILES OF TEXTILES

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How Did You Get Started w/Your Craft?
I have sewn since I was in grade school, made my own clothes, etc. My ideas for what I currently make really took off when I lived in the Middle East while on assignment with the State Department. More detail of this can be found on my "bio" page of my shop:

Favorite fabrics:
Every time I go through all my textiles each one of them is my favorite, it seems. But I'd have to narrow it down to saying an Indian sari is my favorite fabric to work with. The silks are so beautiful, pure in color and the contrasting borders can be used in so many different ways. Doing the type of piecework that I do one sari can last me literally years! Each is apprx 6-8 meters in length.

Random fact about me:
I'm now retired but in my former career I have lived and traveled around the world. Very happy to be finally settled and secure in the fact I do not have to move again. Just want a quiet life to focus on my creations - full time.

Advice for New Members:
I've only been on Etsy for one week advice is to read everything possible about the site regarding setting up your shop, take criticism well from those who have been on Etsy for a period of time. Read, read, read is my advice. Get to be an expert on anything to do with Etsy if you want to be serious in selling your crafts on this site.

Condensed version of your life:
I think I've covered that in #3 (Random Fact).


BookWormz said...

beautiful work, miles of textiles!

Anonymous said...

There is no royal road to learning.

George Mason University

Anonymous said...

There is no royal road to learning.