Thursday, January 29, 2009

Modeling My Personal Scarves

I crocheted all these scarves for myself! None are for sale in my store. Some I might be able to re-create, other's I cant... all explained below... Anyway, I figured I'd model them all for you to show off a bit, haha! Enjoy my silly photos!

Okay, the story behind this one is... I was in London for school and I found this awesome yarn in some small store in the Cotswolds. It has pieces of tulle hanging from it! So I paired that with 2 strands of black and turquoise yarn, and this scarf was born. I have no idea what the tulle yarn was called or the brand. I tried doing a search on the internet and came up with nothing. So I can't ever make this again :(

I asked Ginny from to custom make me this hand dyed merino wool yarn just so I could make myself this scarf! It's 2 different yarns, alternated. I am in love with it and finished it just in time for my Christmas vacation to Oregon. Where we had a blizzard. So it came in handy!

This scarf is actually about 6 years old! It was right when I discovered this really soft yarn, and So I made myself this scarf and a matching hat (Don't ask me where the hat went... I have no idea!)

I bought the owl crochet pattern online, and immediately crocheted it! So cute!! I stuck it on a scarf, and tied on a bunch of pieces onto the scarf at random places. You can't see that in the photo, but they are there. It's a messy, cute kind of scarf. Too bad I am not allowed to sell stuff with the owl on it, so sorry!

I made this scarf in London, too. I wanted to do a really random scarf, so I changed colors in the middle of rows, sometimes I used 2 colors at a time... very interesting! I love it!!

Haha, you can't see much of the scarf, but this picture is so funny, I had to use it!

Okay, the end. Hope everyone enjoyed seeing me pose silly, wearing my awesome scarves :)

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BookWormz said...

You are too cute! :) I love your work - I'm seriously lusting after that shrug you feature in your avatar and on your banner!