Friday, January 30, 2009

Featured Artist: Marie's Little Shop Of Creatures

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How did you get started with your craft?
I have always been an artist, but this story I consider the start of the craft I was meant to make.

I was in college going through my basic classes and I had an interview with the head the art department. I showed him a book on creatures and told him I wanted to create them for the big screen. While he looked through my book, greasing up the pages with his potato chip grease, he told me it was a hopeless ambition. He then went on to show me artwork in his office that was a better option. Upset that my dream was turned down, I went against his advice and did them anyway. I started to sculpt huge creatures emerging from clay, creatures with a little bit of ogre in them, a slight hint of dragon and a dash of a gargoyle. Needless to say on the day of my art show, he bit his tongue and the expression on his face was as good as an apology for me:)

What's your favorite material to work with?
Well, from the story above, its no surprise that I prefer clay:)

Tell me a random fact about you?
My favorite color is blue:)

Any advice for new Etsy members?
Promote yourselves! Hit the forums, go to the chats and most of all talk about your art at work, you would be surprised how many people are interested to hear about it!

Lets hear the condensed version of your life...
I've lived in Pennsylvania my whole life, never moved away from home, went to a local college for art and got married to my best friend's little brother! Now I am handling a mortgage for our first home, my only baby so far is my dog Merlin and currently I am working as a Customer Service Representative and selling my art as well:)

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So cute and creative! Thanks for sharing.