Sunday, July 13, 2008

My plans for Christmas

I know that a lot of people make holiday items and sell them in their Etsy shops, but I am just not going to do it. If it doesn't sell, you're sitting there with all these christmas items for an entire year. So I'm just going to make a lot of stuff this year, but not holiday themed. My store will be filled with great gifts, though! I feel like if you buy someone a christmas scarf, they can really only wear it for a short time. No fun. Maybe winter themed is a better idea. Like snowflakes or something. Thats not directly related to Christmas. Yay, brainstorming while I write. lol.
Anyway, last year I made this awesome black scarf with a skull on each end. I actually made 2, one for each of my nephews who live in Oregon. They were a big hit!! So I'm thinking of making more of these and selling them in my store. I have another skull pattern that I use for more girly scarves. I actually sell the pattern on my Etsy site.
I'm hoping to get more of the girly ones made, because I keep selling them. With good reason, they are awesome. lol.


The Colorful Bee said...

I never thought of it that way. I just joined Etsy in April, so I haven't been through a holiday season here yet. I was going to crochet alot of holiday decor (ie. santa, snowman, pumkins, witches, turkeys) I'm glad I read this here first. You are so right. Giving a gift like that will only be a waste of money. Where as, giving them something they can use year round would be great! Thanks for the tips!

Nora said...

I was just new on Etsy last Christmas so I had no clue what to expect and for me nothing happened until Feb. of this year. I am planning on stocking my shop as full as I can by the end of August so there will be lots of choices for those Christmas Shoppers. I hope it works as when mid Dec. gets here we will be slow like we are now.

I love your blog and your shop items are to die for!!! Much Talent in your hands.